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• Date Issued: Thursday, June 4th, 2015
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Hello from the Lowcountry!
I’d like to take this opportunity to say hi and reconnect with my family and friends in Minnesota. It’s been three years since I last taught at Oak Marsh and Lost Spur and a lot of snow has fallen and golf played since I’ve been back. With the golf season in full swing in Minnesota, I hope that most of you have been working on your golf game and have been enjoying this great game. I’ll be teaching at Oak Marsh Golf Club June 19th and bringing with me some of the great information that I have been using in the Lowcountry to help the membership at Colleton River Plantation Club. My “Managing Your Golf Game” teaching philosophy is complimented by staples of golf instruction such as TrackMan Master Certification, Titleist Performance Institute Certification, Tour Tempo rhythm instruction along with I-Pad video analysis.

It’s amazing what has happened to golf instruction since I last visited Minnesota and feel privileged to have access to, and understanding of, the latest technology that these new teaching tools bring to the game of golf. For more on this subject read “What’s Happening in Golf Instruction?” below.

As some of you already know, Colleton River Plantation Club in Bluffton, South Carolina is a beautiful place to work and live.The Golf Academy which has grown over the last seven years has kept pace with the vision of operating the finest teaching program for a club community in the U.S.A. With our five PGA/CRGA certified instructors, our students have been working though our programs and our Seven Building Blocks to play their best golf possible. I invite you to come and see me during my visit so I can share the same success with you!

As always, if you need more information go to my website David La Pour Golf or you can send me an e-mail at dl@dlpgolf.com

I hope to see you in Minnesota!


David La Pour

Golf Instruction Schedule - June 19th Oak Marsh Golf Club & TBA
I will be teaching at Oak Marsh Golf Club in Oakdale, MN June 19th and possibly another day depending on demand. My hours will be from 9 am to 6 pm and I will be bringing my high-speed Casio video camera & I-Pad/JC-Video analysis, TPI Golf Fitness program, Tour Tempo Total Game Rhythm program and some other teaching aids that I use at the Colleton River Golf Academy. To book a lesson, send me an e-mail at dl@dlpgolf.com, or call me at 651-492-6896. My rates are $110/hr., and the TPI Golf Fitness assessment is $150.

The Seven Building Blocks-What’s Happening In Golf Instruction?
In golf instruction, the past three years have been a frenzy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TrackMan, Teaching Certifications, Club Fitting Systems, Golf Magazines…the list goes on and on. It can make the most hardened Golf Channel viewer dazed and confused about golf. In the search for the perfect swing (or just a swing), many of these offerings are like cat nip to the average golfer.
Here are some thoughts based on my 25 years of teaching golf that may help you avoid going down rabbit trails. The golf ball, club, and course have never heard of the aforementioned internet or Top 100 Teacher List. At the risk of sounding simple, they respond to physics and a little common sense application. Although there are some variables on the golf course, the player is the true variable, not the club or ball. So how do we get the player to be as consistent as the equipment? Look at tour players. They are our closest example of human consistency. I’m not suggesting you become a tour player but this is what the game is asking of us. So how can we apply some of the tour players’ techniques?
I suggest for starters a good basic golf swing (doesn’t have to be tour perfect), well fit equipment, perfect aim, almost perfect rhythm, and sound course management. This may sound intimidating at first but remember that the game of golf is calling the shots, not us. This is also one of the reasons I developed the Seven Building Blocks, to help with understanding how to make these things work in your favor. The Building Blocks are Putting, Short Game, Full Swing, Fitness, Mental, Equipment, and Playing. Each Building Block has its own identity and style because golf requires variety, and if we fight it instead of go with it, the percentages will not be in our favor. Most internet, teaching certifications, and magazine articles will only give you part of the story and you really need your whole story to gain an edge on this great game. If you have a weakness in one of these categories, I can help you expose it and more importantly “manage” it so you can play your best.

Colleton River Plantation Club hosts US Junior Amateur
Far Hills, N.J. – The United States Golf Association (USGA) announced Colleton River Plantation Club, in Bluffton, S.C., as the host site for the 2015 U.S. Junior Amateur. This will be the first USGA championship held at Colleton River’s Pete Dye Course. The dates of the championship are July 20-25. "The USGA is pleased to bring the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship back to the state of South Carolina for the first time in more than 30 years," said USGA Vice President and Championship Committee Chairman Thomas J. O’Toole Jr. "Renowned architect Pete Dye has often said this is the best course he has ever designed. It will test the players’ skill and help identify the best junior golfer in the United States."
Located in coastal South Carolina near Hilton Head and a short distance from Savannah, Ga., Colleton River Plantation Club is a member-owned golf community. The 1,500 acres of Lowcountry land is surrounded by water on three sides and is adjacent to Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve. Colleton River’s Pete Dye Course opened for play in 1998. It is a links-type course with unobstructed views of Port Royal Sound and the Atlantic Ocean on 11 of 18 holes.

Down the fairway…
Although my time will be short this year in Minnesota, I still enjoy coming back to my Midwest roots and reconnecting with family, friends, and students. If we don’t get a chance to connect, you are always welcome to come visit me at Colleton River Plantation Club. The courses, membership, and weather are great and we have a great Member Experience package that is second to none. If you need any information you can reach me at dl@dlpgolf.com or 843-836-4413. As always, good luck with your golf game, and I hope to see you down the fairway either in Minnesota or South Carolina!

Ps Thanks to my sponsors: Colleton River Plantation Club ~ WP Golf Operations ~ PGA of America ~ Callaway Golf ~ JC-Video ~ Golf Around The World ~ TPI ~ TrackMan

"I wish I could play my normal game...just once."

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