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Spring Golf - May 2010
Taken from: The Colleton Communeque Spring 2010
By David La Pour

W o w! What a tough winter to work on your golf game. It seemed like the whole United States was holding on as we all were a little colder and snowier than years past. The Winter Series Seminars worked their magic as we used the Nicklaus Ballroom to showcase the Academy’s seven building blocks and how to make lasting improvements on your game. Winter has finally let go and spring is here and with it the hope of better golf. In keeping with our vision of operating the finest teaching program for a club community in the U.S.A., the Colleton River Golf Academy was busy in the off season attending trade shows, hosting demo days, and training our Professionals on the finer points of instruction. Our goal of creating a fun and productive learning experience for the Members and their guests will continue as we head full swing into the spring and summer months. Golf schools, clinics, private lessons and our new Happy Hour Clinic, Thursdays at 5:00 pm are all designed to help you "Manage Your Golf Game" so we encourage you to take advantage of these programs.

Please welcome Derrick Garrou and Logan Scott to the Academy team! Both are Class A PGA Professionals and we feel very fortunate to have them on our Team of Instructors. Our CRGA Certified Instructors are available for private and group lessons, all of which can be booked online at ForeTees or by calling the Nicklaus or Dye Golf Shops. For more information on our Instructors or teaching program go to the “Golf Academy” link on the Member’s website.

Use Your Athleticism
Taken from: The Full Swing Building Block of the Colleton River Golf Academy

One of the fundamentals of the full swing is to tap into your athleticism while in motion. Much like throwing an object (like a baseball or golf ball), it’s best to wind up on your back foot, shift weight toward your front foot (target), then release your arm and ball toward the target. Although more refined, this winding and unwinding when throwing an object is the same athletic move that we use when hitting a golf ball. Look at the sequence of pictures included here and see if you can recognize the athletic move.
1. Athletic set up
2. Shoulders and hips starting to turn back – weight starting to shift toward back foot
3. Full shoulder rotation with more weight on back foot than front foot – hips pivot, not slide
4. Legs and hips starting to shift and unwind toward target
5. Lower body continues to move toward target while upper body unwinds toward ball
6. Arms and club follow the lead of the lower body and square to ball
7. Impact shows most of the body has shifted onto the lead foot, hands are ahead of club at impact
8. The finish shows 90% weight shift toward target and lead foot
Use Your Athleticism


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